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Girls Summer Dresses

Your little girl is growing up and thankfully there’s a huge selection of great and affordable dresses for girls of all ages for the summer 2010 season. Trendy dresses for tweens abound as do modest yet trendy summer dresses for a maturing teen. A plethora of summer dresses for girls await that will both keep mom and dad comfortable with the choice and keep juniors happy in a fashionable look.

Whether she’s 7 or 16, heading out shopping, to the beach or in a wedding party, you can find the perfect dress for your little angel this sunny season. Firstly, consider the occasion, and the feelings of your daughter. Of course, none of us want to see her grow up, but its going to happen at some point, so prepare to make choices on clothes together and be ready to compromise a bit when appropriate.

Whatever her age, summer is time for lightweight and comfortable feels and fabrics. Make sure clothing is breathable and easy to maintain. Choosing summer dresses that are versatile and can be worn for both daytime and evening will stretch out your budget during the credit crunch. A light cardigan sweater or jacket will take any dress from day to night without spending extra cash on a new outfit.

Keep daytime and beachwear age appropriate, and make sure to keep protected from the sun’s rays if planning a backyard barbeque or a day outdoors in the hot sun. For formal occasions, a more dressed up look is suitable, especially for teens and juniors, who will likely want, and can get away with, a more mature and sophisticated dress for this type of occasion.

Sandals will compliment any summer dress, and heels will add a nice touch of maturity and style for a growing teen. Girls of the same age can and will differ greatly as far as body shape, development and taste. Knowing her preferences and feelings about these subjects beforehand will lend a large helping hand and avoid many a frustrating arguments while shopping.

If your little girl is under 12, she’ll probably be happy just getting a new piece of clothing to wear! But tweens and teens will have definitely already started to develop their own style and preferences, especially when it comes to dressing up.

Whether you’re shopping for girls dresses for a backyard barbeque, and picnic, a trip to the park or zoo, having an evening dinner with friends or attending a formal occasion, by following the above tips, you can enjoy a fuss free shopping experience and find the perfect dress for her this summer 2010 season!

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